Behind the Scenes: Styled by Nordstrom Trunk Club

Our talented stylists and their real customers are the stars of our new campaign. Take a look.

Behind the Scenes: Styled by Nordstrom Trunk Club

This fall, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re turning the cameras around and giving you a glimpse of the real people here at Nordstrom Trunk Club (hi, there!) who are devoted to making your style great.

The Styled by Nordstrom Trunk Club campaign stars some of our very own stylists and customers, who we talked to about the relationships they’ve built through their Trunks and Clubhouse visits. Scroll on to meet them, and to read the stories they had to share.

Sarah manages one of our stylist teams at our headquarters in Chicago. She’s been working with Brittany (pictured below) since her wedding. “Brittany first reached out to me when she got engaged,” Sarah said. “I ended up sending her a Trunk for her honeymoon. She shared pictures from the trip and I could see how confident she was feeling. We’ve worked together a lot since then.” 

Nordstrom Trunk Club customer Brittany
“Sarah knows my style and how things will fit. I feel like a new woman every time I get dressed.”

Erin, a senior stylist at our LA Clubhouse, was connected with Julius (pictured below) as he was getting ready to start his own business. “Over time we’ve worked together to totally transform his T-shirt style to something more sophisticated,” Erin says. “He meets with investors, so we’ve added blazers and button-downs... It’s exciting to see him grow his business, and of course, his wardrobe!”

Nordstrom Trunk Club customer Julius
“Erin transformed my wardrobe when I was starting my business,” Julius said. “She’s been a huge help.”

Jennifer, a stylist and Nordstrom Trunk Club Custom specialist in Boston, first met Brett when he needed a custom tuxedo for his wedding. It was a surprise for his bride, Abbey (both pictured below). “They loved the tux so much, they invited me to their wedding,” Jennifer said. Abbey soon became a customer as well, and since then they’ve shopped with us for everything from anniversary gifts to everyday apparel.

Nordstrom Trunk Club customers Brett and Abby
“I’ve never once felt like Jenn was trying to sell me something,” Brett said. “She’s trying to help me find myself.”

We put all of these people—and more!—into the Styled by Nordstrom Trunk Club campaign, and we’re proud to show you how it came together. Take a look behind the scenes of our photoshoot.

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