Introducing: Summer Needs Appointments

June 7, 2018

Introducing: Summer Needs Appointments
Trunk Club

Part of what makes Trunk Club unique is the opportunity to shop with your stylist in person at a Clubhouse. And now, we're introducing a new type of appointment at our Chicago Clubhouse—Summer Needs appointments.

These appointments are quicker than our traditional ones, for customers who may not have a ton of extra time in the day, or who just want to pick up a few new things for the season.

Not sure which type of appointment you need?

Summer Needs Appointment

Customer trying on summer clothes with stylist during fitting

• Less than an hour

• For a summer occasion, such as a quick seasonal refresh. You might see men’s items like shorts, lightweight button-downs, and sunglasses. And for ladies, dresses, handbags, and sandals. But it’s your shopping appointment, so the style is up to you!

• Consult with your stylist beforehand online

• Clothes are waiting in your fitting room when you arrive

• Try on 7–10 curated items

Traditional Appointment

Women trying on clothes in traditional Clubhouse appointment

• About two hours

• For more big-picture needs, including a head-to-toe wardrobe revamp, a Trunk Club Custom consultation, a complete seasonal or workwear refresh, or anything else you may need

• Consult with your stylist at the Clubhouse

• Clothing selected after stylist consultation

• Try on 15–20 items

Of course, some things will stay the same with any appointment. You can always expect complimentary beverages, and in-stock items can always be taken home same-day. So if you're going to the Chicago Clubhouse, specify with your stylist which type of appointment you'd like to schedule so they can plan accordingly.

Want to learn a bit more about a standard Clubhouse appointment? Check out our post. 

At Trunk Club, our stylists help people build their best wardrobes by discovering what fits their body, their budget, and their personal style.