The Fashion Icons Who Inspire Our Stylists

We’re talking style inspiration and wardrobe essentials with our stylists.

The Fashion Icons Who Inspire Our Stylists

Behind every impeccably dressed Nordstrom Trunk Club customer is a fashion-forward stylist with a whole wealth of knowledge. Since they’re a constant source of sartorial inspiration for others, we thought it’d be fun to turn the tables and ask some of our stylists who they look up to when it comes to getting dressed. And while we were at it, we got them to dish on their wardrobe must-haves. Keep reading to see what made their lists.

Who inspires your style?

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Alexandra Baines

If I had to choose one person as my style icon, I'd pick Jane Birkin. She epitomizes 1970s style and I love how effortlessly chic she always looks. To quote Harper's Bazaar, 'Her style has always been proof that casual can and always will be stylish when done in the right way.'

-Alexandra Baines

Diane von Furstenberg inspires me to dress in the colors, patterns, and silhouettes that reflect my mood and personality for the day, and to think outside of the box when getting dressed.

-Hannah Morehart

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Hannah Morehart
Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Jordyn Dresner

My style icon is Arielle Charnas (Something Navy) because she has effortless style and is super creative with her looks. Her Something Navy brand nails every new trend and is at an affordable price!

-Jordyn Dresner

I adore Rocky Barnes because she wears the most unexpected things together and always makes it look cool. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it,’ and she is perfect at executing that.

-Bianca Perez

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Bianca Perez

If you had to choose one thing wear everyday, what would it be?

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Sarah Barker

I would absolutely choose jeans! I’m one of those weird people who can hang out on the couch wearing jeans and still be super comfy. My favorite brands are Mother and Frame because I’m obsessed with their fit and styles.

-Sarah Barker

I’d pick a simple black jumpsuit because it’s so versatile. I can dress it up on the weekend with heels and choose accessories for pop of color, or I can dress it down with white Vince sneakers for something more casual.

-Jordyn Dresner

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Jordyn Dresner
Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Alex Lopez

My must-have is definitely a fitted white shaping tank. It’s a great alternative to a regular tank top because it’s slimming and when you tuck it in, it doesn’t bunch up. Plus, it can also be worn as a layer underneath sheer tops. It's the best because it works to smooth everything out and keeps you held in!

-Alex Lopez

I would go with a dress paired with a denim jacket and cute mules. It's a comfy look that incorporates layers for versatility—and with the right accessories, can be dressy or casual.

-Jennifer Dresel

Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist Jennifer Dresel

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