The New Work Shirt

The New Work Shirt
Post by Trunk Club
June 26th, 2018

If your office is business-casual, then you’re probably spending five mornings a week pulling on a standard button-down shirt. We think that’s a pretty fair reason to want more than the standard, to have high expectations for what’s in your closet.

So here’s the memo: performance work shirts. Whether you’re commuting in hot temps, would rather sleep in than iron, or don’t have time to hit the dry cleaners—or all of the above—performance work shirts are a staple you shouldn’t be living without. Here’s why:

Black and white checkered collared work shirt neatly folded with sleeve in foreground to show fabric details.

Stay cool

Often made from polyester or a polyester blend, performance fabrics wick moisture away from your skin so it can evaporate on the surface of the shirt. So if your office is on the toastier side, or the sun was blazing during your walk to lunch, these high-tech fabrics will keep you cool and dry.

Stay crisp

Any day we don’t have to iron a shirt is a great day indeed. Inside each thread of performance fabric is a polymer resin which makes the thread thicker, and therefore, much less likely to bend and wrinkle. (That polymer is the same reason why the fabric doesn’t hold onto moisture.)

Pink and white striped shirt folded neatly to show off crisp collar, Nordstrom tag and button details.
Grey and white striped shirt folded neatly with hem revealed to show off the quality of the fabric and stitching details.

Stay clean

Another great thing about these fabrics? They can be machine-washed. There’s no silk or other temperamental textiles involved, so these shirts can go straight into the hamper with your gym clothes and dirty socks. Saves you time, and it’s better for the environment.

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