Wear White Now: Fresh Picks to Brighten Your Look

May 7, 2018

Wear White Now: Fresh Picks to Brighten Your Look
Trunk Club

Memorable style is effortless, and nothing says easy-breezy like a crisp white accent. Fresh wardrobe staples in white can brighten your look and add a hint of sophistication. Best of all? Everything from accessories to blazers, blouses, and jewelry can be used to wear this forever-trend. Keep it light and simple with some of our stylists’ favorite looks.

Women's white bucket handbag

Just a touch

A hint of white can highlight your look effortlessly. Try an on-trend accessory or a piece of jewelry to add contrast.

Half and half

Whether worn on top or bottom, a white piece styled into your outfit is an easy to way to freshen things up.

Women's white blazer
Women's white eyelet dress

White out

Tonal white looks are in a league of their own. Go for full sophistication and minimal fuss with a white-on-white outfit this season. 

At Trunk Club, our stylists help people build their best wardrobes by discovering what fits their body, their budget, and their personal style.